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A non-panic surgery for back pain

Mrs. Kamla Devi, having an age of 65 had a non-panic surgery at our Hospital under new consultant Dr. Kumar. Here she describes what led her to have surgery and how it has changed her life......
“I’d had a slight back pain for many years. Usually, it was in night on coughing or if I had a bad cold so it wasn’t a daily problem. However, it started to get much worse about four years ago to even 8 hours in a day, it was very stressful and led to some highly embarrassing moments.
When things first started to deteriorate I talked to the bone specialist who had carried out my checkups ,suggested various tests and  told that the solution would involve a major operation.

Stress incontinence began to affect every aspect of my life.  I could no do my daily kitchen and routine activities .After four years of suffering, I got to a crunch point. I sought advice from my family doctor and he recommended me to Dr. Kumar at Agrawal Life Line and Trauma hospital.
He was very down to earth, open and easy to talk to. It was such a relief to hear him say that he was confident that the relatively simple operation would be a solution for me. Once I knew that I was on my way to an almost certain “cure” a great load was lifted from me.
I chose a date for the operation to fit in with my work. My colleagues were aware and very supportive. The treatment was covered by the BUPA private medical insurance policy that we pay into through my husband’s job.
The operation took about 20 minutes and I felt fine as soon as I woke up. In fact, I couldn’t believe it had been done so quickly and with no after effects! I was able to go home later the same day. I wasn’t even aware of stitches. I can honestly say there was little pain from the operation.
That operation was an immediate success and a total transformation for me. It was very surprising that pain had been reduced to 20% and after 2 days 0%
Now my life became so simple. Now I can perform my all activities easily.
I’ve chosen to share my story because I believe that nobody should have to put up with stress incontinence being such an ever-present worry in their daily life. The that operation has been a fantastic success and has given me a new freedom. I can’t think of any downside to it.”