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Why Choose Us?

We are best known for Critically ill patient, Painless Delivery and Hemo Dialysis

We are best known for Mediclaim scheme and Burn unit

We are best known for Medico Legal Cases,Instituional Patient,Laproscopic Surgery

We care our patient and provide best services to our patient everyday


1) Anesthesiology
     Dr. Pawan Kr. Agrawal ,Dr.B. S. Pachori,Dr. Praveen Mehrotra,Dr. Ranveer Sing Tyagi,Dr.Diptimala ,Dr.SachinNakra
2) General Surgery
     Dr. Vijendra Tiwari , Dr. Ajay Bansal, Dr. R. K. Tripathi, Dr. J. P. Shakya
3) ENT
     Dr.Pramod Goyal ,Dr.Rajeev Pachauri
4) Dental Surgery
     Dr.Harendra Sharma ,Dr.Ajay Vikram
5) Orthopaedics
     Dr. Shobhit Agarwal, Dr.R.K.Gupta , Dr.ArunGupta
6) Ophthalmology
     Dr. Nidhi Jain , Dr. Mukesh Jain
7) Obstetrics.&Gynaecology
     Dr. Shalini Agarwal,Dr. Radha Gupta,Dr. Madhu Rajpal
8) Neuro Surgery
     Dr. Alok Agarwal, Dr.Pankaj Jha
9) Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
     Dr. Nepo Vidhyarthi
10) Cardiothoracic  & Vascular Surgery
     Dr. SubodhSatyarthi
11) Genito Urinary surgery
      Dr. Vijay Vora,Dr.Deepak Purlia
12) Paediatric Surgery
       Dr. Vikram Agarwal                
13) Surgical Oncology
       Dr. NarenderDeo
14) General Medicine
       Dr. Anurag Kishore, Dr. Surendra Verma, Dr. Rajesh Kumar
15) Nephrology
       Dr. B.S. Sangwan
16) Neuro Medicine
       Dr. M. P. Singh